Porsche 911 G-body – indywidualna linia zawieszeń KW

Wychodząc na przeciw oczekiwaniom posiadaczy Porsche 911 modelu G, KW Automotive, przygotowało nową ofertę zawieszeń. W odróżnieniu od konkurencji oferującej wkłady amortyzatorów, lub ich zamienniki, jesteśmy w stanie zaoferować regulowane zestawy zawieszeń w zależności od Twoich potrzeb. Niezależnie czy odrestaurowujesz klasyczne 911, i chcesz aby Twój projekt pozostał w jak największym stopniu wierny oryginałowi, czy


Sprężyny gwintowane do nowego Audi A4 B9 Avant

The fifth series of the Audi A4 station wagon (B9) once again proofs that fancy station wagons are called Avant. From now on, the height-adjustable KW coilover springs are available for the A4 station wagon with all engine types. Compared to conventional springs, the KW spring kits allow a continuous lowering, similar to coilover kits.


Obniżenie w smartfonie KW DLC – Nowe Audi S8 D4/4H

More and more premium vehicles are from factory equipped with a level control and comfortable air springs. Especially for these vehicles, we have developed the KW dlc airsuspension with smartphone control. The dlc control module is now also available for the current Audi S8 plus as well as further A8 models of the D4/4H series


Zawieszenia KW do Porsche 911 (991) – Gotowe na każde wymagania!

Torque instead of revs (rotational speed), perfectly describes the current Porsche 911 Carrera S. And if the KW Performance Partner mcchip-dkr takes care of it, the Carrera S pushes with 485 hp and 585 Nm. Besides a Carpisto flap exhaust system with sport catalysts, mcchip-dkr has also ensured a PDK-transmission optimization. The maximum speed is


Perfekcyjne zawieszenia KW dla każdego BMW M2 / M3 / M4

Since years the famous BMW M cars are part of the highest class of sports cars. For every demand we offer you the perfect suspension for your BMW M. It doesn’t matter if you search a decent lowering for your BMW M2, M3 or M4 or you are in the need of maximum performance on


Zawieszenie gwintowane KW Variant3 do nowego BMW M2 już dostępne

The new BMW M2 is designed for uncompromising driving dynamics and it sets new standards in the compact sports car segment. With it’s short wheelbase, wide fenders and 370 hp the brand-new M2 has a the soul of the famous 1-series M coupé. We already developed the perfect suspension for every demand for the new


Zawieszenia KW DDC do hybrydowego VW Golfa 7 GTE

Plug-in-Hybrid meets „Plug-in-driving pleasure“ Efficiency and driving dynamics are not excluding each other. So the suspension manufacturer KW offers a coilover kit made of stainless steel for the first Volkswagen available as a “Plug-in-Hybrid”, the VW Golf GTE. Besides the renowned Variant 1, Variant 2 and Variant 3 coilover kits, the adaptive KW DDC Plug


KW Clubsport gwarantuje wyniki – Porsche 911 szybsze niż 918 Spyder

Those who want to experience the maximum driving dynamics with their Porsche 911 (991), will find the ideal suspension with the KW Clubsport coilovers. Recently, the refiner edo competition has proven it on the Sachsenring with his 911 Turbo S Blackburn (see Auto Bild sportscars 5/2016). The 669 hp “Blackburn” equipped with a KW Clubsport