Zawieszenie KW High Performance – Lamborghini Aventador

Fichtenberg (Germany), August 20th 2014 – With a genuine 700 bhp from the factory and 217 mph top speed, the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 requests extreme precision from the aftermarket industry to improve the driving dynamic. Novitec Group and KW automotive have jointly developed a high performance suspension for the sports car. Made of a heavy-duty aluminium alloy the KW dampers provide individual setup adjustment of the rebound and high and low speed compression damping. With this suspension technology the 969bhp Novitec Torrado Aventador gains safe handling and superb driving dynamics at the limit. The KW coilover kit is also compatible with the lift kit on the Lamborghini.

The Novitec Group is one of the most respected and experienced companies in the tuning industry. Their high performance creations and innovations for Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini use KW automotive suspension solutions to get the best results from the chassis. The two aftermarket legends also teamed up for the 969bhp Novitec Torrado Aventador. “Our modifications included a 21kg lighter Inconel exhaust system, modified aero and a bi-compressor kit. We needed a new suspension package and together with KW automotive we developed a new coilover system”, said Wolfgang Hagedorn, founder and CEO of Novitec. The aluminium coilover kit for the pushrod suspension of the Lamborghini also provides the possibility of changing the ground clearance between 15mm and 35mm at the front axle and from 5mm till 25mm at the rear axle. “At the driving limit or during daily use our customers expect a 100% safe and pleasurable driving experience, without compromise. Our jointly developed coilover kit performs this requirement with ease.” Of course the hydraulic lift system of the Lamborghini also remains in original function.

kw-suspension-14kw-suspension-13On the KW 7-post-rig and on many road tests the street setup has proven itself with direct handling. “In our chassis development program we pay a lot of attention of the controllability of the LP 700-4 without losing the benefit of a comfortable ride”, says KW Product manager Johannes Wacker. KW automotive also developed a racetrack damper setting for the Lamborghini Aventador for track use. “Via the purple adjustment wheel the driver may change the low speed compression with six clicks. The gold adjustment wheel allows you to change the high speed compression setting in 14 positions and for the rebound you have 16 adjustment clicks”, Johannes Wacker describes the adjustable damping KW technology. “Beside our suggested setups the driver has the option to setup the suspension for his personal driving style on different race tracks.” Of course the KW Clubsport 3-way coilover kit is also available for the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4.

Novitec Torrado Aventador in detail

Novitec’s super sports car has more highlights besides KW’s high performance coilover kit. We should also mention the wind tunnel tested carbon body kit. This aerodynamic kit accents the original design of Filippo Perini, Head of Design at Lamborghini, and guarantees maximum downforce. The Novitec Aventador needs this outstanding aero package because of its Bi compressor kit. The huge engine modification includes two superchargers with bespoke turbine blades, a modified induction tract, water-cooled intercoolers with additional extra-large radiators, pumps, reinforced v-ribbed belts, injectors, high-performance fuel pumps and modified ECU’s. Together with the handcrafted Inconel exhaust system the 6.5-litres V12 engine has much more power than an ordinary Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4’s 515 kW (700 bhp). The Novitec Torrado Aventador is tearing up the Autobahn and racetracks with an amazing power explosion of 713 kW (969 bhp) and maximum torque of 912 Nm! The Novitec Styling programme also included a huge portfolio of accessories for the cockpit and the 9 x 20” and 13 x 21” forged Novitec wheels are only one of endless options the Italian car specialist from Germany has prepared for this street raging bull.


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