Zawieszenie KW do Corvette Stingray C7


The design of the new Corvette is less edgy and it reminds a little on Ferrari. The Corvette Stingray comes standard in Germany with the „Z51-Performance package”. This provides for example a special aero package, electronically controlled limited locking differential, dry sump lubrication and an electronic damper control: Magnetic Selective Ride Control

For the 7th generation of the Corvette, KW now offers the following suspension kit:

KW Coilovers Variant 3+ „inox-line”
Part number: 352 61 024
Lowering FA: 10 – 35 mm
Lowering RA: 15 – 45 mm

KW Bundle Variant 3+ „inox-line”
incl. Cancellation kit for electronic damper control
Part number: 352 61 025
Lowering FA: 10 – 35 mm
Lowering RA: 15 – 45 mmimg_KW_Chevrolet-Corvette_Typ-C7_01_1200x800